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for forwarders, small harvesters and 8-15 ton excavators

•Stable handling even with large bundles
•Excellent loading properties
•Efficient guillotine cutting, 25-28 cm
•Easy installation, no additional hydraulics or hoses
•Radio control option

•Energy wood harvesting
•Small wood harvesting by accumulation
•Clearing of electricity lines, road sides and field edges

handy FARMI E250 with guillotine cutting

FARMI E250 is equipped with a reliable and durable cutting guillotine. Cutting blade is made of wear-resistant steel, which is not damaged by sand or rocks. Stumps can be cut close to the ground and trees harvested in challenging terrains also. You can cut through tree bunches, bushes and hard woods. The guillotine is practically service-free.

Efficiency for different purposes

The modular structure of the FARMI grapple and the various frame, guillotine, and accumulating grip size options facilitate customisation based on the base machine and the intended purpose.

Hydraulics designed for small harvesters in particular are available as an option. In harvester version, hydraulics system is integrated inside of the accumulating unit which makes it possible to control FARMI with harvesters own steering system.

Accumulating gripper options

Basic accumulating gripper
•Wide accumulating gripper for larger tree groups or bushes
•Efficient for roadside clearing
•Opening 90 cm
•Suitable for forwarders and excavators

Harvester model
•Size and properties are similar with basic model
•Casing for harvester hydraulic equipment is in the accumulating gripper

Guillotine options

Strong – maximum cutting power
•Traditional FARMI-guillotine
•Two-phase cutting
1. Grippers close around the tree
2. Cutting cylinder pushes the blade through the tree
•Max. cutting 25 cm

Quick – productivity with smaller trees.
•New innovative FARMI guillotine
•Cutting with one stroke:
1. Grippers close around the tree and force the blade through the wood
•Max. cutting 28 cm
•Radio control with various transmitter options
•Extension boom for 8-15 ton excavators, also with hydraulic extension boom
•Cejn Flat face quick couplings
•Baltrotor rotators
•Suitable link for rotator
•Spare part packages ◦The basic wear and tear part package including seal kits, rubber dumper, valve connectors
◦Wide spare part package including basic package + spare parts for valves and complete hose set
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Teknisk data FARMI E250
Mærke Strong guillotine, forwarder hydraulics
Klippe/Save diameter Max cutting: Ø25 cm
Vægt, kg 390 kg
Oliemængde, l/min 50-90 l/min forwarder hydraulics, 50-160 l/min harvester hydraulics
Kloens åbning, mm 90 cm / 90 cm
Højde i fældningsposition, mm -
Basismaskine -
Afgrening -